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RetroStats is the fast, fun, and easy way to get detailed statistics about who is visiting your website. When you sign up for a free account, you’ll be given a small piece of code to add to your webpage. The codes are compatible even with the services of reseller hosting. Whether you run a simple informational site or a revenue making marketing site, it is always good to know your exact statistics for it will give you information on your weak point and what you need to improve.

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RetroStats will track your website’s statistics around the clock and store the information on our servers, at our expense.  Retrostats is based on and was developed using the principals of cloud computing, for this reason you can check your stats from anywhere, at any time, using a web browser to login to your RetroStats account.

RetroStats provides detailed statistical analysis of your website, including traffic reports, marketing reports, and visitor profile reports. This will enable you to maximize your site design and marketing efforts to increase sales and/or search engine popularity.

For RetroStats to work properly, you will have to display a small graphic on your website.  That’s your promise to us, in exchange for the free statistics service we provide.  However, unlike other boring and stuffy stats and counter services which feature corporate-type logos, we have fun, cute, and exciting RETRO graphics for you to use!  Our hit counters will actually enhance the look of your site because of their cool design, fun colors, and totally unique retro look!

RetroStats services can be very helpful for many companies and websites. If you have Dba 10g and wondering which DBA features are most profitable (Find Dba courses here), or are looking at It director jobs and are wondering, “What is Dsl?”, you may find our services very helpful. Or maybe you are wanting to double check the accuracy of your active directory authentication, network authentication, or your query active directory. Our stats can help you check that no one is slipping by unnoticed.

To create an effective Web Site takes a lot more than HTML coding, computer skills, advanced graphic design and strategic marketing expertise. Creativity is the key component that always separates a truly great Web Site from a mediocre one.

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Lucid Crew prides themselves on the creativity and ingenuity that they build into every website that they design. Their clients and the client’s interests are first and foremost, and form the initial building blocks of each project, from which they add the necessary skills and design to create a truly functional, practical and beautiful Website that entertains the eye while it informs the mind.

Maybe you want to check how successful your network marketing recruiting has been. When you see the numbers and what they are doing, you will know which of your advertising endeavors are actually meeting network marketing success. No need to put money into advertising that isn’t working. You might want to try a different network marketing method.

Why a Free Website Counter?

When you know all the answers to who is going to your site, how many, and what they are doing you can answer lots of questions about how you run your site. For example, Does your Voip Modem make your connection faster? What should your accountant qualifications be? Should you be looking into a system that can support more visitors or do you not have enough high-volume retail/ hospitality traffic yet? Should you get a different high speed connection? It is amazing what questions you can answer when you have all the statistics.

It is hard to make the best choices about your company unless you are informed as to what is going on and what is working. With websites, it is very much a numbers game. You will be amazed what information the statistics we gather can provide you. Also, how that knowledge can help you mover your business or website along and make it as successful as possible.

Go ahead, check out other free services, but then come back to RetroStats for your free website counter and statistics.

RetroStats Features

  • Easy setup and installation
  • Password protected stats for paying members
  • Graphical display of stats
  • Cute buttons that will enhance your website!
  • It’s totally free!
  • NEW!  We have a free Guestbook service too!
  • NEW!  We have a free Tagboardservice now!
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