• September 2, 2022

Why Tengah EC Might Be The Most Popular EC Among New Home Buyers

If you’re looking for an environmentally-friendly community, Tengah EC might be right for you. This new EC is located near Tengah Garden Walk and offers first-time home buyers a CPF Housing Grant. Its high price tag makes it a bit expensive, but it offers all the amenities that buyers would expect from an EC.

Tengah EC is a new EC development in the area, occupying a land area of 2.2 hectares. It will feature six hundred and fifteen units spread over 22,020 square meters. It is expected to receive positive reviews from new home buyers, and its expected release is planned for H2 2020. The developer is promoting it as a green condominium, with a number of green features.

Residents of Tengah EC will be close to the town centre and the bus terminal, making the area accessible and convenient to commute. The new town centre will feature separate pedestrian roads, making it ideal for walking, cycling, and recreational engagements. The community’s good connectivity means that it is accessible to other parts of the town and the surrounding areas.

Tengah EC is a new development in Singapore’s Tengah district. It is one of the first green developments of its kind in the region, and will boast innovative green infrastructure and smart condominiums. Residents will enjoy a sustainable lifestyle that reduces waste and improves air quality. The area is also close to the Jurong Lake District, and is a great place for families with children.

Tengah EC is a new residential development located near Tengah Garden Walk and District 24. Featuring a triangular plot of land, the EC has a gross floor area of 61,659m2. The development is a joint venture between CDL Land, MCL Land Taurus Properties SG.

Tengah EC is the first executive condominium site in Tengah, a new neighborhood in Singapore. According to the Housing Development Board, it sold for $400,318,000, or $603 psf prr, a record-breaking price for an executive condominium site. The previous record was held by Sumang Walk EC, which was given a land lease for $583 psf prr four years ago.

The development is also gaining momentum due to the high demand for ECs in Singapore. The EC is being developed by Taurus Properties SG, a joint venture partner of MCL Land, and will feature 620 units across twelve blocks of up to 14 stories each. The development will also include a sports centre and a polyclinic. The EC will be within a 2-km radius of the area’s primary and secondary schools.

Tengah EC is expected to feature green features such as solar panels, energy-efficient appliances, and smart energy management. It will also have plenty of green spaces for walking and cycling. The community will also feature centralized cooling systems to minimize energy usage and carbon footprint. Moreover, residents will have access to smart devices and public transportation.

EC is expected to be the first development of its kind in the West region. The developer expects to generate high demand for the development given the location and the amenities that the community will have to offer. It will be located near a planned town centre and a Jurong Region Line MRT station. This will make the town more accessible and car-free.

The project’s leaders are taking responsibility for the future of the environment by developing an eco-friendly housing community. The project will feature solar panels, wind turbines, and a water conservation center. As a result, residents will enjoy a green environment and a healthy life. Furthermore, residents will have access to public transport and free parking.

Residents will also have access to green parks and gardens. This will contribute to better air quality. Additionally, there will be a 100-meter-wide Forest Corridor. Moreover, the community will have a comprehensive medical centre and a sports hub.

The first phase of Tengah EC will be completed in 2022. Its total gross floor area will be 61,659 square metres. The development will be the first of its kind in the West region. The project will be the first EC to be built in the region. Its location is near the town centre and future MRT station.

The Tengah EC is expected to deliver the first eco-friendly community in Singapore. The development will consist of two luxury residential communities and will feature an automated waste collection system. In addition, the community will be designed to promote sustainable living and reduce reliance on energy.

Tengah EC will be a green community with a mix of residential, commercial, and entertainment amenities. It will also be close to several educational institutions and other prominent areas in the city. Because it is near the CBD, residents will find it easy to get to work and attend school without a hassle.

There are some reasons for the difference in pricing between an EC and an equivalent BTO. One of these is that the EC is designed for more sustainable living. It features green space and trees. In addition, it is close to amenities like schools, shops, and transportation. It will also be quiet, with no traffic noise.

The development is located near the Jurong East MRT station and is expected to contain around 620 private units. Each unit is approximately two and a half square meters. The development is near several amenities like Jurong East, Jurong Nature Reserve, and Jurong Eco-town.

Although the EC is higher priced than its BTO equivalent, it is still an affordable option for many. However, it is important to consider the affordability of ECs before purchasing. While the cost of ECs is higher than that of BTOs, the quality is superior and the amenities are more extensive. In addition to its prime location, many ECs are in prime locations with room for expansion. For instance, Piermont Grand at Sumang Walk is set to benefit from the creation of the Punggol Digital District, a government initiative to revitalize the North. It aims to attract digital businesses and top academics. It is expected to generate about 28,000 new jobs.

For aspiring executives, ECs in this area are an excellent choice. The location is convenient for the CBD, as well as Jurong Lake District, where many businesses are planning to set up shop. Moreover, the public transport system makes it easy for commuters to commute to work.

ECs are more affordable than private condos, but buyers will still have to pay higher monthly installments. Also, they will not be able to rent out their property for the first five years. As a result, it is recommended to buy early to get a better deal.

In addition, ECs are often closer to MRT stations, which is convenient for commuters. ECs also tend to have lower prices, and this makes them more affordable to foreign buyers and HDB buyers who aren’t looking to upgrade. And once privatization takes place, ECs will benefit from lower resale prices compared to private condos. This means a better return for the developer.

CPF Housing Grants can offset up to 30% of the cost of buying an executive condominium. These properties come with typical condo amenities such as swimming pools, BBQ pits, function rooms, gyms, and fully equipped kitchens. In addition to this, buyers in ECs can also rent their units out like private condos and enjoy a high rental yield.

The current CPF Housing Grant policy is more generous for first-time homebuyers. The grant amount can range anywhere from S$40,000 to S$50,000. First-time homebuyers may also qualify for a Family Grant. This grant is applicable to resale flats as well as BTO flats.

For those who are not yet eligible for a HDB housing loan, the monthly income ceiling for the Fresh Start Housing Scheme and Step-Up CPF Housing Grant has increased from S$6,000 to S$7,000. Furthermore, the Silver Housing Bonus is extended to the elderly and those with CPF accounts. These benefits can help first-time home buyers afford to buy HDB flats. However, it is important to note that the CPF Housing Grant must be returned to the CPF account when you sell your HDB flat.

Tengah EC is an integrated township, a new residential development in the Jurong Region, and will feature 12 blocks of up to 14 stories. This new township will feature amenities for residents, including a bus interchange and a polyclinic. The project will also have 12 plots reserved for educational institutions.

Tengah EC is more affordable than many private condominiums. The prices are often between 15 and 30% less than comparable private condominiums, and you can get a CPF Housing Grant of up to S$30,000 if you are a first-time home buyer. This development also features similar amenities to a private condominium, including a gym, clubhouse, and security guard.

To be eligible for a CPF Housing Grant, you must be a first-time home buyer, have at least one SC buyer, and be over 21 years old. If you are buying a resale flat, you will be required to pay an additional fee called Additional Buyers Stamp Duty. In addition, you must sell your HDB flat within six months after purchasing your private property.

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